Corona treatment

The Type:Corona machine
The Function:Surface Treatment for the film
Material used:LDPE/HDPE/CaCO₃/BIO
The advantage: Surface Treatment for the film

Product Description:

Corona machine

      Corona machine is a kind of surface pretreatment equipment for silicone rubber, plastic and other materials.

Corona processing machine is commonly known as corona machine, electronic impact machine, and electric discharge machine in the packaging industry. Academically known as dielectric barrier discharge. Mainly used for the surface treatment of plastic film or plastic plate products, when to the above materials for ink printing, composite, blown film, coating, gluing, material modification, grafting, polymerization, coating, casting, pasting processing, in order to make the surface of the product has stronger adhesion (that is, with a higher dyne coefficient), to prevent raw materials in the production process of printing color, composite paste is not firm, coating leakage uneven, etc., affecting product quality, must first carry out corona impact treatment.

Technical Specifications



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