RFQJ-600/800/450*2 T-shirt shopping bag making machine

Material used:HDPE, LDPE, filler, fully biodegradable
Bag Width:100mm~ 450mm
Bag Length: 100mm~600mm
Bag thickness: 0.015-0.015mm
Capacity: 30 ~ 350 pcs/min*2

Product Description:

Heat sealing hot cut vest bag making machine

Equipment Introduction:

The equipment is our new high-speed hot-cutting double-channel plastic bag making machine products, specially used for the production of degradation and conventional supermarket plastic bags, using domestic high-quality servo motor drive, high speed, good stability. And the structure of the equipment is optimally designed. The speed of bag making in minutes, whether white bags or flower bags, can reach more than 300, and the stability is excellent.

Vest bags with a maximum width of 43 cm can be produced. The unit is used for high-speed automatic production of plastic vest bags, with automatic punching machine (optional automatic baler), automatic cutting and forming of vest bags, suitable for large-scale production of major and medium-sized bag factories.

Equipment features:

·The machine is manufactured by the company using advanced technology at home and abroad (the equipment has excellent performance).

· Adopt dual computer control, high-quality servo motor structure model.

· With photoelectric automatic tracking, white bag, color bag conversion function, computer fixed length, automatic counting, to number alarm, automatic temperature control.

· Adopt tensionless sealing mechanism, the back cover is firm and beautiful.

· Front rocking device to prevent sticking of hot needles at high speed.

Technical Specifications
Model Name
RFQJ-350*2 double-channel hot cutting bag making machine
Final productT-shirt bag
ApplicationT-shirt bag, small T-shirt bag
Material usedHDPE\LDPE
Output range150~450pcs*2
Bag width150mm~320mm
Bag thickness-----
Servo motor Servo motors
Optional Devices------
Warranty30 days
Technical Assistant


lane: 1 lane

Bag width: 100-650mm

Bag length: 100-900mm

Capacity: 30-220 pcs/min(1 lane)

Power Consumption: 11 kw

Two-phase electricity


lane: 1 lane

Bag width: 100-550mm

Bag length: 100-900mm

Capacity: 30-250 pcs/min(1 lane)

Power Consmption: 10kw

Two-phase electricity


Lane: 2 lanes
Bag width: 100-450mm
Bag length: 100-800mm
Capacity: 60-500 pcs/min(2 lanes)
Power Consumption: 14kw

Two-phase electricity



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