RFQJ-Supermarket Roll Bag Making Machine

Material used:HDPE, LDPE, filler, fully biodegradable
Bag Width:100-320mm
Bag Length:150-900mm
Bag thickness:0.005-0.12mm
Capacity: 20-300pcs/min*2

Product Description:

RFQJ-800 supermarket continuous roll bag making machine

Performance usage:

The equipment is designed for the high-speed automated production of fully biodegradable continuous roll vest bags, with punching and cutting, designed as dual channels, higher production efficiency, better performance, better stability, suitable for large-scale production of large and medium-sized bag factories.

Device features:

1. The whole machine adopts PLC control, touch screen computer operation, servo motor feeding, frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric tracking color printing.

2. Automatic counting and can be set to count shutdown or alarm.

3. The servo motor feeds the material stably, which can ensure uniform tension and beautiful hot line, which is dedicated to the production of fully biodegradable roll-up bags.

4. Fuselage structure: The fuselage and punch are made of thick laser steel plate structure, which can run stably at high speed.

6. The hot knife adopts servo motor structure, which has better stability and is more suitable for sealing and cutting of biodegradable vest bags.

Technical Specifications
Model Name
RFQJ-Supermarket Roll Bag Making Machine
Final productSupermarket with roll bags
ApplicationCore roll-up bags
Material usedHDPE/LDPE/calcium carbonate/fully biodegradable
Output range20-300pcs/min*2
Bag width150-900mm
Bag thickness0.008mm-0.15mm
Servo motorServo motor/stepper motor/imported servo motor
Optional DevicesYaskawa servo motor in Japan
Warranty1 year

Delivery Time

30 days
Technical AssistantWe have professional technical personnel


2Deck, 1layers

Bag width: ≤500mm

Bag length: <1000mm

Max thickness: 0.01-0.10mm

capacity: 30-120pcs/min

total power: 6kw



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