ABA film blowing machine

Film Layer:one to Three layer
Thickness of product:0.015mm ~0.1mm
Material used:LDPE.HDPE.CaCO₃.BIO
Output range: 40~180 kg/h

Product Description:

ABA film blowing machine (LDPE/HDPE/fully biodegradable)


The machine consists of two extruders, which is an alternative to the use of three-layer coextrusion equipment, and the cost is lower than that of three-layer coextrusion equipment. The inner and outer layers of the machine are composed of the same material, and different materials can be filled in the middle, and a large number of filling and recyclings can be used. The film produced has good stretching and low cost. After the launch of this model, it gradually became a popular trend.
Compared with ordinary film blowing machines, the film produced by this model has high output, hand feel, good transparency, high market popularity, and the quality of the film produced by the same raw materials is better priced.

Optional equipment:
1. Automatic suction machine 
2. Surface treatment 
3. Air compressor 
4. Air cooler 
5. Gas rising shaft

Technical Specifications
Madel NameABA film blowing machine
Final productHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, biodegradable raw materials
T-shirt bags, roll bags, garbage bags, industrial packaging bags, heat shrinkable film...
Material usedHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA
Output range40~80kg/hr
Film layerThree layer
Screw diameter45-75mm
Screw L/D
Screw Material38CrMoAI
Width600mm-1200mm (customized according to customer's packaging)
Optional DevicesRotating head, double section and double retraction, upper traction rotation, off-edge recovery, online correction
Delivery Time30-60 days
Warranty1 year
Technical AssistanceEngineers available to service machinery overseas


          Output: 80kg/h

  folding width of film: 1000mm

 Power of main motor: 18.5kw×2

         Overall dimension: 




                Output: 60kg/h

       folding width of film: 800mm

      Power of main motor: 15kw×2

Overall dimension: 6000×2200×4500mm




      folding width of film: 1200mm

       Power of main motor: 22kw×2

Overall dimension: 6000×2800×5500mm



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