Film blowing machine(On-line printing)

Film Layer:mono layer
Thickness of product:0.015~0.15mm
Material used:PABT, PLA
Output range: 60~200kg/hr

Product Description:

Fully biodegradable film blowing machine (online two-color printing)


The equipment is suitable for fully biodegradable films, such as PLA, PBAT, polylactic acid, and other fully biodegradable raw materials, fully biodegradable particles produced by modification and blending, which are formed by extrusion and heating and plasticization by molds, and the film can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water at a predetermined time. Siamese two-color ink printing machine, can be customized to produce plastic film with printing, ink printing, good printing effect, environmental protection 



Ruihang Seiki and domestic well-known raw material suppliers through a large number of raw material formula testing, carefully developed extrusion system, using unique screw and precision mold processing, can achieve low temperature extrusion, high plasticization, low energy consumption, high cost performance and other characteristics, is an ideal fully biodegradable film blown film equipment.

Optional equipment:

1. Automatic suction machine 

2. Surface treatment 

3. Air compressor 

4. Air cooler 

5. Gas rising shaft

Technical Specifications
Madel NameFully biodegradable film blowing machine
Final productBiodegradable rolling bags, biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable garbage bags
Vest bags, Horse clip bags, Printed/non-printed supermarket bags
Material usedPABT, PLA, corn starch and other fully biodegradable
Output range60~200kg/hr
Film layermono layer
Screw diameter45-75mm
Screw L/D
Screw Material38CrMoAI
Width200mm-2000mm(customized according to customer's packaging)
Optional DevicesRotating head, upper traction rotation, automatic suction machine, double section and double retraction, automatic roll change, online correction...
Delivery Time30-60 days
Warranty1 year
Technical AssistanceEngineers available to service machinery overseas



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