RFQJ-600/750/900/1000 Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine (Flying Knives)

Material used:HDPE, LDPE, filler, fully biodegradable
Bag Width:100-1200mm
Bag Length:100-2000mm
Bag thickness:0.015~0.035mm
Capacity: 30-250pcs/min

Product Description:

RFQJ-600/750/900/1000 Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine (Flying Knives)

Performance usage:

The equipment is a special design of flat pocket dedicated high-performance single-channel cold cutting bag making machine, the equipment adopts hot knife design and flying knife integrated with hot cutting, which can effectively prevent the problem of low temperature resistance and easy stretching due to fully biodegradable materials, effectively improve the performance of the product, ensure uniformity, avoid the generation of defective products, and solve the problem that the conventional cold cutting bag making machine is difficult to make fully biodegradable flat bags.

 The equipment adopts domestic high-quality servo motor, high power and fast speed, bag making speed single channel 40-150 bags per minute, can produce flat bags with a maximum width of 120cm. For high-performance production of fully biodegradable flat pockets.

Technical Specifications
Model Name
RFQJ-600/750/900/1000 Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine (Flying Knives)
Final productBottom seal plastic bag
ApplicationFlat bags, garment bags, large garbage bags, CT bags, industrial packaging bags
Material usedHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, filler, fully biodegradable
Output range30~ 250 pcs/min
Bag width100~2000mm
Bag thickness0.015~0.035mm
Servo motorServo motor/stepper motor/imported servo motor
Optional DevicesJapan Yaskawa servo motor, Delta frequency converter
Warranty1 year

Delivery Time

30 days
Technical AssistantWe have professional technical personnel



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