RFQJ-400*4 four-channel cold cutting bag making machine (flat bag/vest bag)

Material used:HDPE, LDPE, filler,fully biodegradable
Bag Width:150mm~300mm
Bag Length:150mm~500mm
Bag thickness:0.015~0.05mm
Capacity: 80~300pcs/min

Product Description:

Four-channel cold cutting bag making machine (flat bag/vest bag)

Equipment features:

・The equipment is equipped with automatic punching configuration, which has a high degree of automation, high production capacity, and saves labor

・This type of model is suitable for processing HDPE, LDPE, fully biodegradable and other natural color or color printed plastic film flat bags, vest bags.

・Computerized servo motor control structure is adopted.

・Eye tracking color printing film color mark, more accurate image and text position.

・Computer set the length and speed of bag making. Less rejects and simpler operation.

・It has automatic functions such as feeding, sealing and cutting, counting, discharging, and reporting.

Technical Specifications
Model Name
RFQJ-350*4 four-channel cold cutting bag making machine
Final productFlat pocket for bottom seal
ApplicationFlat bags, industrial packaging bags, CT bags, clothing bags, pharmaceutical packaging bags
Material usedHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, calcium carbonate, fully biodegradable
Output range80~300pcs/min
Bag width150mm~500mm
Bag thickness0.015~0.05mm
Servo motor Servo motor/stepper motor
Optional DevicesServo motor, punch
Warranty30 days
Delivery Time1 year

Technical Assistant

We have professional technical personnel


Lane: 2 lanes
Bag width:100-550mm
Bag length:100-900mm
Capacity:30-350 pcs/min(2 lanes)
Power Consumption: 10w
two-phase electricity


Lane: 2 lanes
Bag width:100-650mm
Bag length:100-900mm
Capacity:30-320 pcs/min(2 lanes)
Power Consumption: 11kw
two-phase electricity


Lane: 2 lanes
Bag width:100-450mm
Bag length:100-800mm
Capacity:60-700 pcs/min(2 lanes)
Power Consumption: 14kw
two-phase electricity



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