RFQJ-350*2 milk tea bag making machine

Material used:HDPE, LDPE, filler, fully biodegradable
Bag Width:80~250mm
Bag Length:100mm-500mm
Bag thickness:0.01~0.10mm
Capacity: 20-200pcs/min*2

Product Description:

RFQJ-350*2 milk tea bag making machine

Equipment performance:

RFQJ-800QBNC milk tea bag making machine, a high-speed new milk tea bag making machine designed and manufactured for our company, full servo motor control, punching and cutting automatic forming, can produce two milk tea bags at a time, with stable performance, fast bag making speed, good bag making effect, low failure rate and other advantages, can be used for fully degradable biomaterials, once the equipment is launched, widely praised by the market, bag making speed of 100-400 pcs per minute (two bags at a time), depending on the bag model, suitable for single cup and double cup milk tea bags. The device configuration is as follows.

Technical Specifications
Model Name
RFQJ-350*2 milk tea bag making machine
Final productMilk tea bags
ApplicationMilk tea bag, small model vest bag
Output range30-350 pcs/min *2
Bag width100mm-500mm
Bag thickness0.01~0.10mm
Servo motorStepper motor/servo motor
Optional DevicesYaskawa servo motors
Warranty1 year

Delivery Time

30 days
Technical AssistantWe have professional technical personnel


 lane: 1 lane
Bag width: 100-550mm
Bag length: 100-900mm
Capacity: 30-250 pcs/min(1 lane)
Power Consumption: 12kw

Two-phase electricity


 Lane: 1 lane

 Bag width: 100-650mm
 Bag length: 100-900mm
 Capacity: 30-220 pcs/min(1 lane)
 Power Consumption: 12 kw

 Two-phase electricity


Lane: 2 lanes

Bag width: 100-450mm
Bag length: 100-800mm
Capacity: 60-500 pcs/min(2 lanes)
Power Consumption: 15kw

 two-phase electricity



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