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ABA film blowing machine (LDPE/HDPE/fully biodegradable)

The machine consists of two extruders, which is an alternative to the use of three-layer coextrusion equipment, and the cost is lower than that of three-layer coextrusion equipment. The inner and outer layers of the machine are composed of the same material, and different materials can be filled in the middle, and a large number of filling and recyclings can be used. The film produced has good stretching and low cost. After the launch of this model, it gradually became a popular trend.

Compared with ordinary film blowing machines, the film produced by this model has high output, hand feel, good transparency, high market popularity, and the quality of the film produced by the same raw materials is better priced.

Customer case

Our leading products : the machines of making blown film and plastic bag. Machines have a wide variety, so there are a great kind of plastic film and bags.

Every year, we woud hold an exhibition around the word. From now, our produts have been selling well abroad, such as Nigeria,India,Thailand and so on.

Our promise

In these years,we have obtained many honorary certificates, that encourage us to be more confident to make our products more satisfing.We commit ourself to giving sincere cooperation with every customer, old and new, for mutual development. We firmly believe taht your demand is our pursuit.

Our Service

       Focusing on the customer service is indispensable, which continues to be a key factor in the company’s development, so whether in sale or after sale, we would aways ensure the quality of our product.

      If you are interested our machines or products, welcome to our comepany to visit them, we would give you a best reception. In our company, you can personally watch the function and operation of your desired machines.

       And we promise that : if your machine which was bought in our company, our engineers would go abroad to service the wrong-working machine until gain your satisfactory.



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