Smart-X High-Speed film blowing machine

Film Layer:mono layer
Thickness of product:0.008~0.15`mm
Material used:LDPE.HDPE.CaCO₃.BIO
Output range: 20-160 kg/h

Product Description:

Smart-X High-Speed film blowing machine


 Ruihang Smart X series film blowing machine, for Ruihang high-end brand film blowing machine series, for Ruihang to create a high-performance, high-quality, high-intelligence series of film blowing machine, constantly improve the performance of products, greatly reduce the difficulty of operation, for the mission of Ruihang Smart X series film blowing machine, in recent years, Ruihang through increasing research and development efforts, continue to increase the research and development of Smart X series film blowing machine, in order to bring users a more competitive experience.

 This series of brand film blowing machine is designed by the best designers of Ruihang Company, and the appearance is designed by well-known industrial design experts, and assembled and tested by the best internal installation engineers of Ruihang Company. Ruihang has a strict design, production and testing process for this series of film blowing machines. Smart X series film blowing machine, using the world\'s famous brand components for production and assembly, to ensure the maximum superiority of equipment performance.

 Ruihang Smart X series film blowing machine, in addition to providing customers with excellent equipment performance, improving customer blown film efficiency, is committed to providing customers with more comprehensive, more timely services, as a VIP customer of Ruihang Smart X series film blowing machine, can enjoy the uninterrupted, all-round VIP service of Ruihang company.

Performance characteristics of this unit:

1. The whole machine adopts Siemens high-quality frequency conversion motor, which has better accuracy and higher energy saving;

2. The screw adopts customized double-alloy high-speed, high-plasticizing screw, and the screw is equipped with a water-cooled device to maximize the output;

3. It adopts the new automatic winding machine of Ruihang, which adopts Siemens brand high-quality frequency conversion motor and is equipped with a gas rising shaft conveyor arm;

4. The winding adopts the full tension control system, the control system is developed by Ruhang Company, and the winding motor adopts servo motor control, which has high energy saving rate and ensures higher accuracy;

5. The automatic control system of the whole machine is controlled by Smart OS intelligent film blowing control system;

6. Taiwan high-performance double duct wind ring/triple air duct wind ring and well-known brand wind ring of the same quality are used for cooling;

7. The mold is optimized by Ruihang, Taiwan high-quality blown film mold, and with mold rotation;

8. The grammage system is self-developed by Ruihang, which has higher precision and better stability, and is supported by Smart OS system;

Technical Specifications
Madel NameSmart-X High-Speed film blown machine
Final productHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, biodegradable raw materials
Plastic bags, industrial packaging bags, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging
Material usedHDPE/LLDPE/LDPE/MLDPE/EVA, recyclable, filler, biodegradable
Output range20-160 kg/h
Film layerMono layer
Screw diameter45-75mm
Screw L/D
Screw Material38CrMoAI
Optional DevicesRotating head, double section and double retraction, upper traction rotation, off-edge recovery, online correction
Delivery Time30-60 days
Warranty1 year
Technical AssistanceEngineers available to service machinery overseas



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